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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Anyone reading?

If you are, don't forgot to use the new link and if you are following you will need to update that too as I'm using a new account so you wont see any updates - will encourage me to post more too!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Some things just aren't meant to be...

Today it was going to the gym.

I got home around 4.30pm, had my banana bread Nakd bar and put on my gym stuff. Left the house around 5pm, put in my earphones and my ipod battery had run out. After the horrible day I had at work I decided I couldn't possibly face 1 hour of walking and 1 hour of exercise with no music - I needed something loud and heavy. So I turned back and charged my ipod for half an hour. Left at 5.30pm, got halfway down the street and put my hands in my pockets, think it seemed odd, I was sure I couldn't normally put both hands in my pockets. I had forgotten my back with my water bottle, money, post workout shake and money. Home again, 3rd time lucky! Half an hour later I get to the gym and realise I had forgotten my wallet and therefore my gym card. I figured I'd be ok, they let you away with it 3 times and it was a first offense. But on no! My membership had expired! On the Friday, even though I was in on the saturday - nice of them to warn me eh? They value their customers so highly they don't want us renewing our memberships! To see I was mighty pissed off is putting it somewhat mildly! Then she asked did I want to renew it now - um, no, I forgot my wallet, that's how we got into this conversation!
I can't afford to renew until I am paid so had to cancel my pre-paid!! Personal trainer session for Saturday!
I cried. Just a little.
Decided I'd come home and have that large glass of wine someone at work suggested to de-stress.

Except, I didn't have it, instead I switched on the subwoofer, plugged in my ipod and with the help of a little bit of this, (at a ridiculous volume)

I got these

And this

He's so helpful.....

And I worked my ass off and had a fantastic workout!

I did some dumbbell squats - I don't know what they are called and the closest I can find is the chop squat on the gay fitness community -, it's a bit like this
but, um, more macho... I do these with the PT and use one heavy dumbbell and do 10 with each arm for three sets. You start with the dumbbell at your feet, squat down and pick it up and use your legs to push yourself and your arm up - you lift your arm up over your head using the power from your legs....
Followed by some Romanian Deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats, then bent over row, and shoulder press superset with girlie push ups and I finished off with the plank (3 x 30 seconds) and some stretches.
All my weights were the usual 8 - 12 reps as heavy as I could for three sets.

I already hurt quite a lot!

Then I rewarded myself with this

And now I'm off to have some dinner before updating my food diary - feeling really good and so happy I didn't let the gym thing and general piss-offness get me down and binge!

Food Diary 17th August

Breakfast: Protein shale with 1 scoop, half milk half water. Greek Yogurt (full fat - too bitter) with half a scoop of cookies & cream and melon
Snack: babybel light
Lunch: Thai chicken soup
Snack: 2 figs and a Fusili apple & cranberry bar, then I had to go pick up a parcel which was my box of Nakd bars - I ordered a big taster box since I can only buy the berry or coco ones locally, of course I desperately wanted to try them all! I settled with the Pecan Pie, nice and I'll easily eat the rest of them but a bit too greasy for my liking so I wont be rushing out to buy more.
Dinner: I made my first chilli with some lean beef mince, loads of veg and sweet potato wedges, it was very nice though didn't really taste like chilli! I made loads so we'll be eating this for a few days

Drinks: Starbucks coffee with some very yummy sugar free hazelnut syrup - I actually asked for vanilla but prefer the hazelnut now...2 cups of tea and lots of water

No exercise but Monday normally isn't an exercise day anyway!

Was a good day yesterday, my first propper good day for ages! The last couple of weeks I've been back into my habit of eating well during the day then eating everything in sight once I get home!

Today's looking good too - will be fine as long as I get out to the gym, I need to go home first and I'll be ok as long as I don't sit down and just get my gym stuff ready and go. I've got some more chilli to look forward to afterwards so don't even have much cooking to do. I am worried how I'll cope in the gym though - I'm in agony after saturday's PT session!
We started with 20 mins of intervals in the treadmill, he got me up to 9mph which is the fastest I've gone so far, I only managed 30 second bursts but it was at the end of the 20 mins! Moved onto some squats with a heavy ball that really killed my arms, superset with push ups - the on my knees version, though I did manage 2 full push ups but my core just isn't strong enough for them. Finished up the session with some core work.
My back, shoulders and arms are so painful! I had to get my boyfriend to take my top off yesterday because I just couldn't get them high enough - shoulder press should be fun tonight!

Daily Cal Quota: 1604
Calories Consumed: 1603
Calories Left: 1

Protein (g) 107.5
Carbohydrate (g) 150.7
Fat (g) 65.1
Fibre (g) 15.9
Fruit & Veg 7.8
Water (litres) 2.3

Monday, 17 August 2009

I'm Moving

To here!

Bit of a long winded story, basically I ended up creating a new google email account and didn't want to have to keep signing into to different accounts but I couldn't find a way of moving my blog and keeping the same address and then discovered I could get for just £2.50 and thought why the hell not!

After some fannying about I will post a proper update over there!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Food Diary 5th August

Breakfast: Morning protein shake, 0% greek yogurt with strawberries and half a scoop of cookies & cream
Snack: Mini edam and 2 apricots
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap with tuna salad
Snack: 1 passion fruit, honey hazlenuts from Saturday's graze box
Pre-Workout: a apple cut up and each piece spread with almond butter and a fatty babybel
Dinner: Thai Beef stir fry with a small portion of basmati rice

Snack: Fatty cheddar babybel - yuk, but I'll probably stil eat the other one! I don't like it but there's something about it that makes me want to eat it...

Drinks: Loads of espreso, glass of apple & mango juice and water

Exercise: 25 min run - intervals

Total Cal Quota: 1580
Calories Consumed: 1645
Calories Left: -65 annoying, I forgot to log the juice yesterday, I only ate the babybel because I had cals left
Protein (g) 126.2
Carbohydrate (g) 155.8
Fat (g) 57.4
Fibre (g) 15.2
Fruit & Veg 7.4
Water (litres) 2.3

Food Dairy 4th August

Breakfast: My usual morning protein shake, 1 scoop, 100ml skimmed milk and 100ml water with ice. Followed by 20g oats with 150ml skimmed milk and a pot of apple, banana and plum fruit puree
Snak: 1 satsuma, 1 apricot and a mini Red Leicester cheese thing
Lunch: Tuna with low fat fromage frais, grated homegrown courgette (from someon at work, ours has yet to appear!), finely chopped yellow pepper and spring onion, black pepper and a chopped chilli, and a bit of Food doctor Salad Boost nuts and seeds and things, in a wholemeal wrap with soe littel gem lettuce
Snack: Handful of cherries (had to pick out the non-mouldy ones :( ) 100g 0% greek yogurt with strawberries and half a scoop of cookies & cream whey. 1 passion fruit
Pre-Workout: small banana sliced down the middle and filled with almond butter

My new favorite snack!

Post-workout: 1 scoop whey with water and coco loco Nakd bar
Dinner: tilapia with garlic and pepper green beans and a berry Trek bar

Snack: Mini smoked cheese and Babybel - full fat!the ful fat one was a nice change but too creamy and rich for me!

Drinks: 1 coffee and lots of water

Exercise: 30 mins walk to the gym, full body weights, 20 mins interval on the treadmill, 30 mins walk home

Total Cal Quota: 1997
Calories Consumed: 1967
Calories Left: 30
Protein (g) 160.2 (33.2%)
Carbohydrate (g) 202.0 (39.3%)
Fat (g) 59.1 (27.6%)
Fibre (g) 27.8
Fruit & Veg 8.9
Water (litres) 3.1

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Food Diary 3rd August

Quick catch up on yesterdays food - wasn't great, got some bad news in the evening so no proper dinner.

Breakfast: 1 scoop protein shake - half milk half water. 140g 0% Greek yogurt with 60g blueberries and 1/2 scoop cookies & cream whey
Snack: 2 fresh apricots and 100g cherries
Lunch: Carrot and lentil soup with a wholemeal roll - having my mum here for the weekend meant I couldn't be bothered getting prepared for work food so it was canteen soup - lovely but I prefer to know exactly what I'm eating and find other poeples soups too salty. Plus I can never resist the rolls!
Snack: 1 scoop whey with water

This is where it all goes wrong! Went to the supermarket hungry...

Dinner: Sainsburys fresh squeezed lemonade and a Maximuslce meal bar - not likely to eat one of these again, flavour was alright, texture was odd and my jaw was agony afterwards from all the chewing, then I got a headache from the jaw pain!
Snack: small smoked cheese, edam and Boursin with 1.5 oatcakes! Random... instead of Babybels I got a back of mixed small cheses, and obviously had to try as many as possible! Ah well, in the past I would have eaten the whole bag!

Total Cal Quota: 1368
Calories Consumed: 1462
Calories Left: -94
Protein (g) 107.2 (30.3%)
Carbohydrate (g) 173.9 (46.2%)
Fat (g) 36.9 (23.5%)
Fibre (g) 19.6
Fruit & Veg 5.9
Water (litres) 1.2 (didn't log it all)

Today was much better though I will post tomorrow as I'm still hungry!

I did have dinner issues tonight though....

Weekend Mini Catch Up

Oh dear - I'm getting really crap at remembering to post!

My excuse is that my mum was up visiting for the weekend so I was s bit busy! We had a lovely couple of days and and delicious meal on Saturday night - I wanted sea bass but they were out so went for the steak with chunky chips and peppercorn sauce and chocolate tart for pudding. I also shared a bottle of wine with my mum and had a couple of very chocolately birthday cakes that I'd made for her.

I didn't take any pictures of the finished things but here is my vanilla sponge and chocolate ganache topping (double cream, dark chocolate and Baileys! Fantastic!)

I did actually start the weekend quite well with a lovely blueberry, greek yogurt, oats and whey smoothie

Followed by a walk to the gym for my PT session then walking home. I'm quite liking the extra walking - loads more calories burned and I like being able to listen to my ipod super loud!

PT session was good - started with 20 mins intervals on the treadmill and he pushed me really hard, I was surprised at how fast I managed and for how long. I have made loads of progress with running!
Went onto some squats on the power rack and then tried a couple of sets of squats on the Smith machine - I quite like this but just can't get in a comfortable position so only did 2 sets.
Next were some assisted pull ups - managed to reduce the assistance this time and to complete all three sets without feeling ill! We talked about non-assisted pull ups and the PT reckoned I should give them ago but I was feeling too chicken this time!
I'm sure I'm forgetting something else but we finished off with some core work then 5 mins on the bike at a high level keeping the speed up and taking the level down every 30 seconds - was a nice tough final blast for my legs :D

Decided to have yet another fresh start on Monday after my weekend calories going WAY over! Feeling back "in the zone" this week, not really been feeling it for a while so this is good!